Fiber Exploration with Deb Cholewicki

During the summer of 2022, I explored fiber arts techniques with professional artist Deb Cholewicki. Our individualized work together included 10 hours on topics such as weaving construction and sculptural fiber compositions. These sessions enabled to incorporate professional weaving techniques into her mixed media artwork. These professional development activities provided the time and space forContinue reading “Fiber Exploration with Deb Cholewicki”

Distilling your passion into advocacy

An exercise to Develop¬†Your Six-Word Reason,¬†Adapted from Living Proof by John Capecci and Timothy Cage, as presented to Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center stakeholders, Fall 2018 John Capecci recently encouraged a crowd full of people at the Michigan Museums Association to develop a six-word phrase that defines their personal reason for involvement in museums.Continue reading “Distilling your passion into advocacy”