I have shifted my paradigm in terms of my own civic responsibility. Laws and politics previously held little interest for me; I believed that my role in society simply included doing good personally and doing well professionally.

Based on my research and recent political events, I now understand the critical role policy plays in our society, as well as my own obligation to take action. We are not in a post-civil rights era, and I have a critical responsibility to combat hatred, bigotry, and misogyny.

I can no longer stand by on the sidelines. I must address the serious injustices perpetuated in our country. Based on systemic racism as a factor in arts education, the temporary nature of ESSA, and our country’s human rights history as both instigator and outlier, I have established a rationale for upholding positive human rights in the USA and am proposing the inclusion of education as a positive right within a revised framework of the United States Constitution.

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