Shifting My Paradigm

I have shifted my paradigm in terms of my own civic responsibility. Laws and politics previously held little interest for me; I believed that my role in society simply included doing good personally and doing well professionally.

Based on my research and recent political events, I now understand the critical role policy plays in our society, as well as my own obligation to take action. We are not in a post-civil rights era, and I have a critical responsibility to combat hatred, bigotry, and misogyny.

I can no longer stand by on the sidelines. I must address the serious injustices perpetuated in our country. Based on systemic racism as a factor in arts education, the temporary nature of ESSA, and our country’s human rights history as both instigator and outlier, I have established a rationale for upholding positive human rights in the USA and am proposing the inclusion of education as a positive right within a revised framework of the United States Constitution.

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2 thoughts on “Shifting My Paradigm

  1. Hi Barb!

    Just wanted to touch base and let you know about a project I have been working on. Creative Icons is a hosted docuseries I am producing with award-winning filmmaker Scott Magie that explores the intersection of Art and Faith. We completed the pilot episode and are busy raising funds to complete the rest of the season. When it is complete, it will be available to stream on multiple platforms. So exciting!

    Check us out at where you can watch the trailer and learn more about our future episodes. We already have over 20 hours of interviews with amazing artists who are creating iconic work.

    Feel free to give me a call at 517-775-5042 to hear more! And THANK YOU for all you do to support the Arts in our great town of Lansing!!

    Anne Miranda


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